About House of Wild Game/ House of Smoke


For over thirty years, House of Smoke has been producing and selling some of the best wild game in the world. House of Smoke has grown into one of the largest producers and distributors of wild game in the United States and is a U.S.D.A. Federal Plant. All of our game is farmed-raised and inspected to insure the highest quality and consistent product for your table. We search the world for the best meat.

For years our products have been distributed to upscale restaurants throughout the United States. Now you can enjoy that same quality delivered right to your door. And do we have an offer for you! & don't forget about your dog. House of Smoke now offers a wide selection of all natural dehydrated dog treats. Just click on our Pet Treat category.

House of Wild Game was simply created for use with our website and both names are one in the same- HOUSE OF SMOKE!